Leap to Full-time
Life Coaching

You know you were born to be a life coach.

You don’t know why you haven’t figured out how to do it full-time yet.

Sales calls seem few and far between. Those you do have aren’t converting at the rate you’d like.

You don’t get why it’s so difficult. You wonder if there’s something wrong with you.

If you’re missing something other coaches have. You question if you’re resonating with people.

If they want your coaching. You’re not sure what you should do next to make it work.

You feel stuck, anxious, ashamed & at times like a failure.

You question whether you’re capable of becoming a full-time coach.

Deep down you know you are.

You really want to.

That’s why you haven’t given up.

Let’s address your burning questions.

These are great questions.

I didn’t want another six-figure earner to struggle with these issues like I did when you already have the answers AND the skills.

That’s why I created the Six-to-Six Mastermind.

This Mastermind will position you to go
from six-figure job to six-figure life coach in six months.

I wish this kind of support and guidance was available when I was at my job.

I wouldn’t have stayed stuck in it for so long.

In the Six-to-Six Mastermind you will:

This is what I did to become a six-figure full-time coach.
This is what my clients have done to create similar results.

What my Clients say!

There’s no way I would be prepared and ready to leave my six-figure career and launch my coaching practice without Kara. I was eager to step into entrepreneurship, but I had some mind drama to overcome in order to make it a reality. Kara helped me see what’s possible & partnered with me every step of the way as I created the career of my dreams.
Letisha Bereola, Life & Career Coach
Working with Kara has been nothing short of amazing! She’s helped me see money in a whole new way. I’m so thankful she calls me on my B.S. (with love) as needed. I just resigned from my six-figure corporate career to live my dream as a full-time coach!! I can’t thank Kara enough for helping me get here.
Gabrielle Smith, Life & Purpose Coach
When I hired Kara as my coach, my goal was to generate at least 50% of my income as a life coach. DONE! In April 2021, I became a full-time life coach and now generate 100% of my income from coaching. I’ve blown my mind during our time together. Working with Kara has further confirmed that I can create any result I desire. So fun!
Claire Hodge, Coach for Beauty Industry Professionals

You’re one of us. Join us.

Take the leap to full-time coaching.
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You may be wondering if you should hire a 1:1 coach, take a course or try it on your own for a little while longer.

This Mastermind is specifically designed for women like you who are six-figure earners. Who produce at the highest level in their jobs. Women who want to be amongst other like-minded coaches with the same objective: Blowing their minds making six-figures as life coaches.

You’ve invested in coaching before and you still haven’t achieved the success you desire in your business.

You’ve never invested in a program like this. There’s no need to focus in the rear-view mirror. Projecting your past experiences into your future will keep you recreating a life you don’t want. In this Mastermind, you’ll live from your future self. The six-figure full-time life coach version of yourself.

You’re thinking I’m not sure what strategy is best for my business. Will mindset coaching get me there?

The simple answer is: Yes. Between Google, YouTube and the millions of sites they’ll direct you to, there are hundreds of strategies that work. In this Mastermind, you’ll pick ONE. One simple effective strategy that aligns with your business model & offer. Data, not drama, will inform if or when it’s time to change course.

When making the decision to go all-in on becoming a full-time coach, expect your brain to offer doubts. It’s attempting to protect you. But, there’s no danger. You don’t need protection. You’re moving towards your destiny. You’re safe.

If you do nothing, nothing will change.

You’ll stay in that cushy six-figure job day after day, month after month. Yes, you’ll have the money, but you won’t be making the impact you’re destined to make. You won’t experience the level of fulfillment in your job that you do in coaching. Why delay when you can have both?

I keep things simple. Here’s what you do.

Click the Get on the Interest List button below.

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You want to create consistent income. I want you show you how!

That’s exactly what you’ll do in the Six-to-Six Mastermind with other part-time life coaches.

Six-to-Six Mastermind

Frequently Asked Questions

Early 2022 – Get on the interest list to be the first to know the exact date. 

6 months – We meet weekly on Mondays.

We’ll meet virtually via Zoom every Monday each week. Get on the interest list to be the first to know the exact date & time.

Six. This is a high-touch program. You’ll receive ample support from me and the other coaches who are selected to mastermind with us.

Short answer: It’s a steal. 
Long answer: I want to you to make an informed decision. The best way to do that is to get on the interest list so you’ll be the first to get all the deets. 

Have more questions? I have answers.

Get on the interest list so you’re the first to get all the deets when enrollment reopens!

You’re still reading which means your heart is nudging you forward.

Take a moment to listen to what your heart has to say.
Take a moment to envision the life you desire.

One where you’re your own boss.
One where your schedule is tailored to your lifestyle.
One where you have unlimited earning potential.
One where you help clients on a full-time basis.

If you can envision it, you can create it.
Don’t delay your success any longer.
Take the leap.

Get on the Six-to-Six Mastermind interest list.