Where coaches learn how to nail sales consults with ease!

Do you feel anxious during sales consultations…especially before saying your price?

You know you can help clients.

But you wish you could just skip the part where you sell yourself & ask for money.

You ponder:

How should I structure the sales consult?

How long should it be?

What questions should I ask?

Should I coach them during the consult to provide value?

Should I reduce my price?

Should I wait until they ask the price to make an offer?

These questions are valid.  

You’re not the only coach who has them.

It’s important to know the answers.

Structuring consults to lead to an irresistible offer is a skill.

An essential skill to master to make lots of money as a coach.

It behooves you to get really good at making irresistible offers.

The more irresistible offers you make, the more money you make & people you help.

The Irresistible Offer Academy is perfect for you if any of these apply:

😭 You’re a great coach, but you’re not closing sales consults at the rate you’d like.

🥺 It feels salesy to coach on money objections to your price.

😩 Clients say yes to your offer during the consult, but then they don’t pay.

🤔 You want to raise your prices, but question if clients will see the value.

😬 You’re not making bold offers in your marketing.

😢 Limiting money beliefs hold you back from making the money you want to make.

The Irresistible Offer Academy is the best place to learn how to make irresistible offers.

You’ll learn how to:
👌Structure consults using the POD (Pain Obstacle Desire) Framework.

😃 Coach on money objections from a clean space.

🤝 Coach clients to a clean decision about signing with you.

😎 State your (higher) price with confidence.

🤩 Bring your unique flair into the consult call.

Are you ready to nail your sales consults with ease?

Class starts the first week of March.

Enrollment is limited to 10 students.

We’ll meet weekly for three months.

This process works.

Sales consults will feel effortless and fun.

Let’s go! Let’s make some money!!


If you don’t make your money back in three months using the POD Framework, 
I’ll refund you or you can take the class again for FREE!