Hey there Coach
I'm Kara

I’m a certified life coach & certified public accountant. I help coaches leave six-figure jobs without sacrificing their lifestyle.

As a high-achieving professional, you've checked several boxes during your professional career.

For some reason, that last box continues to elude you.

Year after year, you've made six-figures as an employee

But, you’re ready to be your own boss. You’re ready to make six-figures as a life coach. When you lean into this identity, pesky limiting beliefs block you.

You're flooded with discouragement.

These thoughts seem so true.

They are not.

They are lies.

Lies that keep you from being a full-time coach.

Lies that keep you from helping more clients.

Lies that keep you waking up every day feeling like a slave to your paycheck.

To become a full-time life coach, you have to rewrite your truths.

Truths that sound like:

Once you embody this truth, you will feel empowered to take the leap to full-time coaching.

You’ll quit your job.

Your business income will soar.

You’ll consistently hit your monthly revenue goals.

This is what I've consistently done.
This is what I help my clients do.

Jolene was charging $330 for a 3-month coaching package. She wanted to be a $100k coach.
The financial value of her offering was worth thousands.

Here’s a snippet from an email she sent me after a coaching call:

“I just had to email to tell you…
I had my first full 1-hour consultation tonight, and based on our discussion, and the feeling I got when you offered it was possible to charge $2500 (just so much ease, expansive, calm), I decided to swing for the fences.
Well, I just landed my first $2500 client!!!!!!! AND I love her. AND I am realizing that my belief in the power of coaching just jumped light years from where it was because of how quickly I was able to change my mindset in the last 30 days. And this 100% convinced me I’m going to help her succeed with her results.

I’m now a $2500 coach! WHAT?!
I thought it would be a year before I got here (if ever).”

Jolene's well on her way to $100k.

You can make quantum leaps in your income as a coach too.
You ready?