Leave your six-figure job without sacrificing your lifestyle

You know “how” to make six-figures.
You’re already doing it, rockstar.

What if you could leverage those skills to create consistent coaching income?

Yep, you sure can!

What my Clients say!

Before working with Kara, the most I had ever made in one year was $45k in nonprofits. My self-concept completely evolved and now, I see myself as a successful woman and I don’t hide from money anymore. I’ve dialed in my niche and make offers with confidence. I’m on track to earn $100k as a contractor and coach in my own business. If you want a coach to be direct with you and ask you the tough questions to help you grow—Kara is your coach! Thank you, Kara!
Chelsea Paxton, Faith Crisis & Transition Coach
Limiting money beliefs and scarcity held me back from pursuing the life I desired. Kara helped me acknowledge those beliefs & finally release them. I formed a new relationship with money. One that feels healthy and abundant. I’ve also created a life & career that reflects my values & priorities. I left my six-figure job and enjoy coaching clients full-time!
Anita Miller, Confidence & Career Coach
It’s been a little over two months since I became a certified life coach, and I’ve sold two high-ticket coaching packages! Working with Kara, I have created a consistent schedule that allows me to show up as my best self in my job, business and with my family. In just a few sessions, Kara’s helped me change my life for the better. I highly recommend her.
Elisia Keown, Executive Leadership Coach

From six-figure Certified Public Accountant to six-figure Certified Life Coach

From 2004 to 2019, I climbed the corporate ladder to a cushy six-figure salary & Director title. I rewarded myself with the house, car & vacations of choice.

From the outside, life looked fantastic.

On the inside, I was yearning for more meaningful work.
Once introduced to coaching, I knew I had found my life’s work.

What sucked was I couldn’t just up & leave my job.

My family depended on my salary.
We loved our lifestyle.
The thought of coaching full-time was thrilling.
The pay cut I thought I’d have to take made my heart sink.

I didn’t think clients would pay me enough to replace my salary.

Spoiler alert - I was wrong.

The ability to create a six-figure business was in me all along

I was creating massive value for my employer.

“Why can’t I do this for myself?” I pondered.

Challenge accepted.

I realigned the security I credited to my job back to its rightful owner, me.

I applied the success framework I mastered as an employee to my business.

I cultivated an abundant money mindset that allowed me to invest in the future I desired.

I opened my heart to be generously compensated for the value I provided.

In September 2020, I bet on myself & confidently left my job.

That confidence translated to cash.

Since then, I’ve consistently exceeded the pay I made in my job.

I’m not an exception.

My clients are winning too.

They’ve become full-time coaches.

They’ve exceeded their pay in a fraction of the hours worked in their jobs.

You can do it too.

Don’t delay the life you desire.

Your clients are waiting for you.

Join us.

Ready to become a full-time coach?

You’re much closer than you realize to having the money AND career you desire.

Take the leap to full-time coaching.

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